16 Ocak 2020

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Fringe 3. Sezon 2. Bölüm izle, Fringe 3. Sezon 2. Bölüm Türkçe Alt yazılı izle, Fringe 3. Sezon 2. Bölüm Türkçe dublaj izle

Bölüm özeti: The story alternates to the Fringe Team "over here" where they investigate a mystifying case that people are discovered in a trance-like state that ultimately leads to their death. The unlikely suspect: a mysterious box. As Peter and Walter collaborate to study its properties, alternate Olivia presses on and turns up the heat on an unsuspecting Peter. Meanwhile, key information about the future is revealed when Walter and Nina meet at Massive Dynamic for the emotional reading of the last will and testament of William Bell. Dizirun Fringe 3. Sezon 2. Bölüm'de sizlere iyi seyirler diler.

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